Well, I guess that CPU article worked out pretty well, even though it took quite a while to put together. Yesterday was easily the highest traffic day in TR history, with nearly a million pageviews served. I guess including older hardware in our reviews is kinda popular, huh? Thanks to everybody for their input on our recent reviews, which allowed us to refine our methods.

No time to rest around here, though. I've nearly completed testing for yet another processor, and the GPU test rigs are churning away on some interesting things, too, as I write. There are some dual-socket boxes lurking in Damage Labs, as well. Gonna be a busy next month or so.

One problem I have to solve on the GPU front is how to pick from the latest games for use in testing. I already know I'll be testing DiRT 2, Borderlands, and Left 4 Dead 2. Those are easily scripted, so I can test them at multiple resolutions relatively quickly. I can then test two to three other games via FRAPS, if I work fast enough. I'm considering Mass Effect 2 and BioShock 2, among others. Thoughts?

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