Kingston claims first 256GB USB flash drive in the U.S.

Ever get the feeling USB thumb drives just don't have enough storage capacity? Well, if you have $1,108 burning a hole in your pocket, then Kingston's new DataTraveler 310 256GB flash drive might be able to quell that frustration. Kingston claims this product is the first USB thumb drive with a 256GB storage capacity in the United States—and it seems to be charging accordingly.

According to the official spec sheet, this drive can reach transfer rates of 25MB/s while reading and 12MB/s while writing. (There's no mention of USB 3.0 connectivity.) Warranty coverage adds up to five years, and Kingston offers 24/7 technical support. The company also ships the DataTraveler 310 with Password Traveler software, which lets users define a "password-protected privacy zone" that can span up to 90% of the drive's capacity.

Physically, the product measures 2.9" x 0.87" x 0.63" with the protective cap on, and it should behave just like any other USB thumb drive.

The DataTraveler 310 replaces Kingston's DataTraveler 300, another 256GB thumb drive that shipped only in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region last July. Kingston justifies the slow roll-out by saying, "We were better able to support a drive of that capacity in two regions as opposed to bringing it worldwide where our NAND Flash supply would be stretched."

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