Corsair unveils encrypted Padlock 2 USB drive

After high capacity, here comes high security. Corsair has introduced a new USB flash drive to succeed the Padlock series we first heard about three years ago. The new 8GB Flash Padlock 2 has some of the same security features as its predecessors, including a security keypad right on the enclosure, but Corsair has made several improvements.

For one, the new drive purportedly has a smaller and more rugged enclosure. Also, the Flash Padlock 2 lets users erases the drive's contents and define a new PIN code if they happen to forget their initial code, and Corsair claims to have "dramatically increased" the security of data transfers between the drive's processor and the USB controller.

The Flash Padlock 2 features a tandem of security systems: a customizable PIN code that locks down access to the drive, plus 256-bit AES encryption across the drive's contents. Corsair points out that the encryption prevents intruders from accessing data even if they pull the drive apart and try to probe the flash chips somehow.

The 8GB Padlock 2 is already available at Newegg for $54.99 with free shipping. Despite what the e-tailer lists in the product description, Corsair says it backs Padlock 2 drives with a 10-year warranty.

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