AMD ships 12-core Opterons to customers

Somewhere out there, a few companies are receiving production-ready 8- and 12-core Opteron processors. AMD's sever and workstation marketing chief John Fruehe broke the news on his blog earlier today, saying Opteron 6100-series CPUs (code-named Magny-Cours) hit production in January and have been heading out to "OEM partners" this month.

Fruehe doesn't name the lucky recipients; his post only says, "We have had a few select end customer opportunities that have been fulfilled, but it is nothing we can talk about publicly." The executive adds that he originally didn't intend to share the news just yet, but he felt obligated to after "someone tried to offer products that they claimed were 'Magny-Cours' processors for sale on the web."

We heard all about Magny-Cours last April, when AMD promised to launch the new silicon in the first quarter of this year. These 6000-series Opterons fit in a novel G34 socket, and they can work together in two- or four-socket configurations. AMD outfits the processors with four DDR3 memory channels and support up to 12 DIMMs per socket.

In other words, a four-socket Opteron 6100 server could have 48 CPU cores, 16 memory channels, and 48 memory modules.

AMD aims 6000-series Opterons at virtualization, database, and high-performance computing applications, and it plans nine different CPU models spanning three different ACP thermal envelope ratings: 55W, 75W, and 105W. (Maximum power consumption per CPU should be higher than that, although AMD prefers to quote ACP numbers when discussing server offerings.)

Update: AMD tells us the ACP ratings for Magny-Cours will be "almost the same, but not exactly the same" as those quoted above.

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