SanDisk slaps 10-year warranties on its new SSDs

Here comes another pair of solid-state drives. SanDisk says it has begun shipping 60GB and 120GB G3 solid-state drives to retailers in North America and Europe.

These two drives aren't particularly cheap: SanDisk has set pricing of $229.99 for the 60GB model and $399.99 for the 120GB variant. However, the company covers them with a 10-year limited warranty, and it claims to use a "smart flash management system called ExtremeFFS technology that has the potential to accelerate random write performance and thus extend the endurance of SanDisk G3 SSDs." TRIM support is on the menu, as well.

As far as sequential performance goes, SanDisk quotes top speeds of 220MB/s for reads and 120MB/s for writes. Those numbers compare favorably with those Intel quotes for its $300 X25-M 80GB (250MB/s for reads and 70MB/s for writes). The 60GB SanDisk G3 and 80GB Intel X25-M cost about the same per gigabyte, too.

SanDisk has already begun selling G3 SSDs directly from its website. If you'd rather wait and pick one of these puppies up at your favorite e-tailer, the company also promises that vendors across North America and Europe will soon start carrying the drives.

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