OCZ Vertex LE SSD now available Newegg

Remember those Vertex LE solid-state drives OCZ launched last week? Amazon still lists them for pre-order, but now, we see Newegg has started carrying the 200GB drive—and selling it for $799.99, a sizeable discount from Amazon's $919.99 price tag.

Even at $800, of course, the 200GB Vertex LE is still substantially more expensive than even slightly lower-capacity SSDs with multi-level-cell flash. Intel's 160GB X25-M will set you back $499, for instance. The OCZ drive's SandForce storage controller promises much higher speeds, however: up to 270MB/s for reads, 250MB/s for writes, and 235MB/s for sustained writes.

The Vertex LE also features TRIM support, just like the Intel drive, so write performance shouldn't degrade once you start deleting and rewriting blocks. That's assuming you're running Windows 7, since to our knowledge, other operating systems don't have TRIM support just yet.

OCZ claims Vertex LE SSDs will only be available for a "brief time," which is probably why the LE in the model name stands for "Limited Edition." Still, the company promises three years of warranty coverage.

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