Rumor: AMD's six-core Thuban to launch on April 26

The rumor mill seems to be honing its predictive powers, at least as far as the launch schedule for AMD's Leo platform is concerned. Earlier this week, we heard that AMD's 890GX chipset will launch in March, while the 890FX and 880G will follow in late April, and boards bearing all three chipsets will hit the market in early May. Now, OCWorkbench claims AMD has set a date for the release of its six-core Thuban processors: April 26.

You can reportedly expect to see the processor at the incoming CeBIT trade show, which will kick off in Hannover, Germany on March 2. More specifics will surely emerge then.

If we can trust details that slipped out last month, however, Thuban will debut in three variants branded Phenom II X6 1035T, Phenom II X6 1055T, and Phenom II X6 1075T. All three processors should be compatible with AM2+ and AM3 sockets, so they may work in existing AMD motherboards—although as OCWorkbench points out, a BIOS update might be in order first.

Interestingly, OCWorkbench also echoes a past story that suggested Thuban will be capable of "overlcocking" individual cores in the same fashion as Intel's Turbo Boost technology. With six cores likely sharing a single 45-nm die, those Phenom II X6 CPUs will probably need a hand with clock speeds. (For what it's worth, AMD's fastest six-core Opteron runs at just 2.8GHz.)

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