Nvidia hints leaked GF100 prices are bogus

Remember those early e-tail listings for Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 470 and 480 graphics cards? You know, the ones with exorbitant price tags? Well, if we're to believe the folks at Nvidia, those figures aren't representative of what Fermi-based GeForces will actually cost when they officially launch on March 26.

The company gave us the following statement about GTX 400-series pricing:

NVIDIA and our launch partners have not released pricing or pre-order information yet. Any Web sites claiming to be taking pre-orders should not be considered legitimate.

Those premature listings quoted prices of $679.99 for the GTX 480 and $499.99 for the GTX 470. As we noted yesterday, such pricing would put the GeForce GTX 480 right up against AMD's $650 Radeon HD 5970, which packs two Cypress graphics processors and mean performance. GF100 boards will likely be single-GPU affairs, unless Nvidia pulls off some sort of miracle, although they may be faster than single-GPU Radeon HD 5800-series cards.

Be sure to check out our latest coverage of the GF100 design and architecture for more details.

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