SightSound releases first Miramax film on the 'net

This is an official release and not pirated. Check out the press release here.
PARK CITY, Utah, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- SightSound Technologies and Miramax Films today announced the Internet release of GUINEVERE, the first Miramax title distributed over the Internet. GUINEVERE is available through download, beginning today, the fifth day of the Sundance Film Festival. GUINEVERE is available for download rental from, and for $3.49 for a one-day (24-hour) rental beginning today.

Using Microsoft's video compression algorithm, SightSound Technologies is offering GUINEVERE as a high quality digital playback. SightSound Technologies is using encryption, watermarking and other content management technologies to provide eCommerce security for the digital distribution of GUINEVERE.

GUINEVERE is the first of 12 films that Miramax will be releasing on the Internet through SightSound Technologies, as part of an agreement announced on April 18, 2000. The titles and release dates of the remaining 11 movies are still to be determined.

``With the Internet release of GUINEVERE, Harvey and Bob Weinstein are setting the standard for others to follow,'' said Scott Sander, President and CEO of SightSound Technologies. ``Their leadership has been critical to the establishment of the legitimate downloading of movies over the Internet and SightSound Technologies is proud to be a part of this historic first.''

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! GUINEVERE weighs in at 527MB and can be found at SightSound.
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