Deal of the week: A $99 1.5TB hard drive and Batman

Although some hard drive makers aren't shy about releasing new, high-end drives priced at a premium, those same firms' lower-end, "green" offerings have never been cheaper. Today, we stumbled upon Western Digital's Caviar Green 1.5TB hard drive selling for only $99.99 with free shipping at Newegg.

That price works out to just under 7 cents per gigabyte, making for some of the most affordable mass storage on the market right now. Yes, Caviar Green hard drives aren't known for their blazing-fast performance, and they may be too slow to use as primary system drives. However, their low spindle speeds result in both low power consumption and low noise levels, which are great attributes for bulk storage drives—especially ones shoved inside media center PCs.

This Caviar Green model has 64MB of cache, a 300MB/s Serial ATA interface, a good old-fashioned 3.5" form factor, and a three-year warranty. (WD unfortunately offers five-year coverage only on 7,200-RPM Caviar Black desktop models.)

On an entirely different note, we've noticed that Batman: Arkham Asylum is selling for a scant $12.49 at Microsoft's Games for Windows Live store until March 1. For reference, the same game will set you back $49.99 on Steam and $39.99 through Amazon.

We've had a nice time playing Arkham Asylum. The title has third-person action with gorgeous Unreal Engine 3-powered graphics, plus some PhysX goodies for folks with Nvidia graphics cards. Rocksteady Studios has gone for a graphical style closer to the comic books than the recent movies, and it got Mark Hamill to reprise his role as the Joker from the Batman cartoons, resulting in delightfully chilling voiceovers. You might want to pick up an Xbox 360 controller for Windows to play this game comfortably on the PC, although it'll happily take keyboard and mouse input, as well.

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