National Chocolate Soufflé Day Shortbread

National Chocolate Soufflé Day

  1. Why can't PCs work more like iPhones?
  2. Engadget's exclusive: First Windows Phone 7 Series partner device unveiled
  3. Mac support for Windows Phone 7 Series: 'maybe'
  4. Neowin reports Google's Nexus One coming to Verizon on March 23
  5. Palm developing new webOS device for release this year
  6. What's new in Palm webOS 1.4?
  7. Laptoping reports Asus N61JV-X2, N71JV-X1
    notebooks with Nvidia Optimus hit the U.S. market
  8. Format War Central reports Sony 3D Blu-ray players in the wild at Best Buy
  9. Samsung 3D LED TV glasses to cost $150 each
  10. Home Media Magazine reports managed copy a work in progress
  11. Cablevision plans service to display web content on TV
  12. Royal Pingdom has Google facts and figures (massive infographic)
  13. U.S. Secret Service using outdated computer mainframe system from the 1980s
  14. Golden-age computer manual encourages you to break DRM, rants against EULAs
  15. Boing Boing presents comedy: The people who expect us to fix their computers
  16. Newegg's Sunday shell shockers: ECS P55H-A (1.0) and ECS GeForce GT 240 512MB

  1. HotHardware and TechVi video podcast - Feb. 26, 2010
  2. Engadget podcast 185
  3. Engadget HD podcast 179
  4. TechFlash podcast, ep. 4
  5. PreCentral's PalmCast episode 97
Software and gaming

  1. Download Squad reports early work on Firefox's new Javascript engine nets big speed gains
  2. Microsoft shares more details on Windows Phone Starter Edition
  3. The sad history and (maybe) bright future of TiVo
  4. Engadget reports Flash 10.1 snubbing non-ARMv7 Android devices, too? (update: yes)
  5. Latest build of Opera 10.50 beta: A small changelog
  6. Latest Google Chrome beta for Windows and Mac / Linux
  7. inCrysis has a roundup of Crysis 2 and CryEngine 3 news
  8. Industry Gamers' opinion: Japanese RPGs are dead
  9. Supreme Commander 2 "Flowfield Pathfinding" trailer
  10. Battlefield Bad Company 2 U.S. and European TV spot
  11. WorthPlaying has BioShock 2 (PC) - v1.0.0.2 patch
  12. VE3D reports StarCraft II beta patch 2 v0.4.0.14133 released

  1. Guru3D reports 6-core Xeon overclocked to 5700MHz with LN2
  2. HardwareOC reviews Asus G73JH gaming notebook (in German)
  3. Hi Tech Legion reviews MSI P55-GD85 USB and SATA 3.0 motherboard
  4. HotHardware explores WD's Advanced Format HD technology
  5. SR's Dustin Sklavos shares options for backing up your computer
  6. Legit Reviews on 256GB Toshiba HG2 43nm SSD
  7. Björn3D reviews 128GB Kingston SSDNow V+
  8. t-break reviews 64GB TwinMOS Mobile Disk Q7 USB drive
  9. Legit Reviews on Gunnar Optiks Wi-Five digital performance eyewear
  10. Rbmods on Roccat Arvo gaming keyboard
  11. [OC]ModShop reviews Noctua NF-S12B FLX cooling fan
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