Could Acer gobble up Fujitsu's laptop business?

Acer hasn't been shy about its bold goal of becoming top dog in the PC industry by 2013. To reach that target, Acer will likely have to grow its market share by buying out other, smaller PC vendors. DigiTimes now claims Fujitsu's laptop business may well be on Acer's shortlist for an acquisition.

At this point, Fujitsu ceding its notebook unit to Acer is little more than speculation—DigiTimes only quotes "market watchers" as its source. Such a deal could make sense, though. The site explains, "[Fujitsu] has strong sales in both Western Europe and Japan and would help boost Acer's shipments in 2010 if it acquired the division."

Reportedly, Acer shipped 31 million notebooks to HP's 37 million in 2009. DigiTimes expects HP to ship 42-45 million notebooks this year, which means Acer will have to boost its laptop shipments by about 45% just to keep up with its competitor. Buying out Fujitsu might only be part of that growth, then, since DigiTimes adds that the Japanese firm only shipped about three million laptops last year.

In any case, Acer is already in a prime position. The company outshipped Dell in both the third and fourth quarters of last year, becoming number two globally. Dell shipped enough PCs in the first and second quarters to place it ahead for 2009 as a whole, however.

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