Intel Architecture VP Sean Maloney suffers stroke

Apparently, Intel's product development arm has fallen on hard times. Barely six months after the sudden departure of Pat Gelsinger, Intel Architecture Group Executive VP and co-General Manager Sean Maloney has gone on medical leave after suffering a stroke.

Intel broke the news a few minutes ago, reassuring the press and investors that Maloney's prognosis is "excellent." The executive "is expected to resume all of his business responsibilities after a period of recuperation which is thought to be several months." For now, Intel Architecture Group co-General Manager Dadi Perlmutter will fill his colleague's shoes.

That's two hits in a row. Intel already lost one of its brighter executives in Gelsinger, who led the business units behind the Pentium Pro and Nehalem architectures. The Pentium Pro design eventually evolved into the Core Duo and Core 2 product families (plus corresponding Xeons), while Nehalem powers all of the latest Core and Xeon CPUs. Gelsinger left Intel for storage firm EMC, perhaps because of the cancellation of the initial Larrabee graphics processor design.

Maloney, who took over after Gelsinger, has been at Intel since 1982. He was the technical assistant to CEO Andy Grove from 1992 to 1995, and he later became co-manager of Intel's Mobility Group. Intel rolled all of its product development businesses into the Architecture Group after Gelsinger's exit.

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