GF100 cards, boxes photographed at CeBIT

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 400-series graphics cards aren't due until March 26, but we're already getting plenty of teasers. At the ongoing CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany, the Hexus folks grabbed two photos of a GeForce GTX 480 product box from little-known card vendor Colorful.

The box advertises 1536MB of GDDR5 memory, 3D Vision Surround, plus the usual PhysX, CUDA, and SLI trifecta. On the side of the box, a green label lists minimum system requirements. Those include one six-pin and one eight-pin PCI Express power connectors, a power supply with either a 600W rated wattage or 42A of 12V current, and... an Athlon XP, Pentium 4, or better processor. All those Athlon XP users with PCIe-capable motherboards will be overjoyed.

Of course, graphics card PSU requirements always tend to be a little excessive in order to account for bargain-bin, "high-wattage" units that aren't as powerful as advertised. For reference, XFX requires a 630W PSU with dual six-pin connectors for its GeForce GTX 285.

Also at CeBIT, the guys at PC Games Hardware have peered through the cooling vents of a demo GeForce GTX 400-series system and nabbed some photos of an actual card. One shot in particular shows the back of the card right where the GF100 graphics chip is supposed to sit, and it suggests a rather large chip—the thing does have three billion transistors. On the outside, the card looks to feature two DVI ports and one HDMI. (Thanks to Expreview for the links.)

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