Gulftown PC demoed in ASRock CeBIT booth

Yes, Gulftown is coming soon. So soon that, as Fudzilla reports, ASRock saw nothing wrong with showcasing a running PC powered by the six-core processor in its CeBIT booth today. The booth even featured a banner touting "The World's First Core i7 980X 6-Core CPU Live [demonstration]."

Fudzilla snapped photos of the system running Cinebench with the Windows 7 Task Manager showing 12 activity graphs, consistent with Gulftown's six physical cores and Hyper-Threading capabilities. Also, it looks like the system was packed with 24GB of RAM—presumably one 4GB DIMM in each memory slot, assuming the board had six DIMM slots.

That's probably a fair assumption. ASRock was apparently running the demo off of an X58 Extreme3 motherboard, likely a new version of the firm's existing X58 Extreme.

This little demonstration also gives weight to the rumored name for Intel's first Gulftown CPU: Core i7-980X. We've already found the chip in a European e-tail listing, which quoted a 3.33GHz base clock speed, 12MB of L3 cache, a top Turbo Boost speed of 3.6GHz, and a March 14 ship date. The €1,099 price tag hinted at U.S. pricing around the $1,000 mark, as well.

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