Nvidia: Optimus lets you pull a GPU out of a running system

We've already seen Nvidia's Optimus switchable graphics technology in action—we put together a whole review of it, as a matter of fact—but the company still has cool demonstrations up its sleeve. Nvidia notebook product chief Matt Wuebbling posted the following video on the official Nvidia nTersect Blog:

Yep; apparently, you can pull an Optimus-capable discrete graphics module out of a running notebook, then put it back and run a graphically intensive app, all without a hitch. That's because the system completely powers down the GPU module (and the associated PCI Express interface) when it's not needed, relying on the system's integrated graphics, instead.

As Wuebbling points out, you're not likely to put that capability to the test first-hand, since notebooks tend to be put together with vital components safely out of reach. Still, the executive boasts, "This demo is really killer with engineering teams that design notebooks. They practically fall out of their chairs when they see it."

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