GeForce GTX 480 circuit board photographed

Yesterday, we caught a blurry glimpse at a GeForce GTX 480 graphics card and a box meant to contain one of its brethren. Today, we see Dutch site has shot some photos of a bare card, revealing the GPU heat spreader and circuit board design.

The naked board doesn't look unlike GeForce GTX 200-series designs, with the GPU hiding behind a massive heat spreader on a relatively long card. Nvidia doesn't appear to have used a separate display chip this time, though. We can also see a generous number of memory chips—12 of them, presumably adding up to the 1,536MB number we saw yesterday—plus a pair of SLI "golden finger" connectors, meaning the card should theoretically work in a triple-GPU configuration.

Interestingly, the circuit board has a couple of holes arranged in a semicircle near the right edge, presumably for air to get into the cooler. I don't believe we've seen that design on single-GPU Nvidia cards before, although it has shown up on some old dual-GPU, dual-board offerings.

Otherwise, points out the same features we knew about before: 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors on the top of the card and two DVI and one HDMI display output on the I/O front. The site does note that the GPU has an A2 revision code, whereas the rumor mill suggests Nvidia is now up to an A3 spin. We're possibly looking at an older revision of the board itself, then.

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