Acer outs price for next-gen Ion netbook

We already know Acer's Aspire One 532G will be one of the first netbooks to bear Nvidia's next-gen Ion graphics chip when it ships this month. And now, thanks to the folks at Engadget, we have an idea of what it might go for in U.S. stores.

Engadget snapped a shot of a slide in Acer's CeBIT 2010 presentation, which revealed a European starting price for the 10-inch laptop: €379. The site says that number suggests a $379 launch price in the U.S., and that's probably not too far from the truth. However, we can get a more precise estimate by comparing the price of the same netbook on both sides of the Atlantic; say—the Eee PC 1201N (with its first-gen Ion graphics) on Amazon Germany and at Newegg.

The 1201N sells for €451.75 and $489.99, respectively, so if we swap the currency sign, the U.S. figure is about 8.5% higher. Apply that formula to the Aspire One 532G, and we get possible U.S. pricing of $411 and up.

$411 may not seem particularly expensive in light of the 532G's Ion GPU, Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, and 10 hours of rated battery life. However, 10.1" netbooks without discrete graphics have crept just below the $300 mark in recent months, and full-blown consumer ultraportables like Acer's own Aspire AS1410 now sell for as little as $415.

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