16GB Super Talent USB 3.0 drive to cost less than $70

Who says USB 3.0 thumb drives have to be outrageously expensive? We recently covered the launch of Super Talent's USB 3.0 Express Drive, a mainstream-looking cousin of the more upscale USB 3.0 RAIDDrive. SemiAccurate has now gleaned some pricing information, and it turns out the Express Drive shouldn't break the bank.

You'll reportedly have to plunk down less than $70 for a 16GB version of the drive. That works out to a $25-35 premium over some of the most popular 16GB USB 2.0 thumb drives at Newegg—although naturally, those aren't anywhere near as quick.

Super Talent quoted a top speed of 125MB/s and a sustained speed of 50MB/s for the Express Drive family, while SemiAccurate the drives can actually hit 130MB/s while reading and 42MB/s while writing. Regardless, even 42MB/s is blazing fast compared to a USB 2.0 drive like Kingston's 16GB DataTraveler, which can only hope for 10MB/s while reading and 5MB/s while writing.

The USB 3.0 Express Drive launched in both 16GB and 32GB flavors, and you can expect them to become available worldwide some time this month.

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