First official Crysis 2 screenshots released

So, we know Crysis 2 is in development, and we know it will be set not on a tropical island, but in good, old downtown New York City. How about some eye candy? Crytek obliged earlier today, releasing the first two screenshots of its upcoming first-person shooter.

You'll find high-res versions of both shots in our image gallery below. Crytek's news post provides the following background information:

Taking place in New York city, Crysis 2 brings highly vertical gameplay to the table, made possible with the Nanosuit 2, developed by Crynet Systems. The first of these images includes a Nanosuit-clad character in an all-too-familiar pose, with a backdrop of destruction as the city is laid to waste. The second features Crynet Ops infantry in combat with the Nanosuit 2 whilst the city crumbles down around them, for reasons that will be revealed in due time.

The studio adds that we can expect additional media "in the near future." Perhaps that near future will be next week, when this year's Game Developers Conference takes place in San Francisco.

Last we heard, Crysis 2 was scheduled to come out some time between April 2010 and late March 2011. The title will likely arrive on both the PC and consoles, since Crytek has tweaked its latest game engine to run on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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