Just Cause 2 PC demo arrives on Steam

PCs get their fair share of first-person shooters, but third-person, open-world titles haven't deserted the platform—far from it. Shacknews pointed out last week that the Just Cause 2 demo would arrive for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on Thursday. Sure enough, you can now grab the PC version on Steam.

This is a 1.3GB download, so be sure you have a fast Internet connection or some sort of backup activity planned. Packed in all those bytes is a 35-square-mile open world through which players can grapple, parachute, and shoot to their heart's content, at least until the 30-minute time limit runs out. The demo's desert setting includes mountains, villages, military bases, and plenty of vehicles, and Avalanche Studios has prepared a nice cross-section of activities:

Hunt down and assassinate one of the game's 50 military colonels; devastate military bases, bio fuel chambers, government infrastructure and more; hijack tuk tuks, military 4x4s, armoured vehicles, mopeds, helicopter gunships, light aircraft, mini vans and numerous other military and civilian vehicles; freefall from desert outcrops or from burning planes at 20,000 feet; and unlock one full, multi-stage mission, traversing the mountains to a heavily fortified government radar station and ending in an unforgettable desert car chase.

You can also strap bad guys to propane tanks that fly rapidly through the air when shot, like so:

The full game, whose open world will span a whopping 400 square miles, is scheduled for a North American cross-platform launch on March 23. Judging by this video of some of the PC-exclusive eye candy, the PC version of Just Cause 2 will be the prettiest by far.

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