Saturday Shortbread


  1. VR-Zone shares rumor: AMD Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity delayed to end of March
  2. Fudzilla reports HD 5000 series 2D performance to be fixed
  3. EVGA GTX 480 / 470 boxes
  4. Nvidia driver rollback / removal instructions
  5. HDMI 1.4a spec announced
  6. Hardware Heaven interviews Adrian Thompson (Sapphire's VP of Marketing)
    and covers CeBIT 2010 day 3
  7. Engadget has Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': Exclusive pictures and details
  8. Microsoft's Courier: May the best OS win
  9. Liliputing reports Gigabyte M1000N to pack next-gen Nvidia Ion graphics
  10. Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 with Core i3 / i5 now available; starts at $999
  11. OCW reports Kingston releases low voltage Hyper X 1.25V at 1600MHz; 1.35V at 1866MHz
  12. Expreview presents a host of new products (including the Phoenix series SSD) at CeBIT
  13. ATi-Forum reports Kingston demonstrates a high-end SSD system - video (in German)
  14. [H]ard|OCP has an update to the Newegg / Core i7-920 allegation
  15. Sharky Extreme on weekly CPU prices
  16. Microsoft headed back to East Texas to fight another patent infringement case
  17. Former NSA chief: I don't trust the cloud
  18. T-Mobile revamping their 3D coverage map
  19. Techdirt reports RIAA claims file sharers are 'undermining
    humanitarian efforts in Haiti,' but leaves out the facts
  20. Engadget on new jeans with lots of pockets for gadgets

  1. Business users to get Office 2010 on May 12
  2. Microsoft to discontinue its mid-market server line
  3. TechFlash reports DocVerse deal gives Google new inroads against Microsoft Office
  4. SuperSite's Windows 7 tip of the week: Computer management
  5. Ars Technica's hands-on: A close look at Ubuntu's new non-brown theme
  6. Ars Technica reports public radio remakes itself by entering the iPhone age
  7. CrystalDiskInfo 3.5.2
  8. New development snapshot of Opera 10.50 (post-final build)
  9. Google Chrome beta for Windows
  10. Notepad++ 5.6.8

  1. Shacknews reports QuakeCon 2010 announced
  2. Kotaku on Sony's "degradable" video game demo patent
  3. Shacknews reports BioShock 2 'Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack' DLC due next Thursday
  4. Chaos Rising update for Dawn of War II
  5. StarCraft II beta patch 3 and patch 4 notes
  6. C|Net: First shots we've spotted of an iPad game
  7. Ars Technica has God of War III interview
  8. FiringSquad's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 review part 2
  9. Supreme Commander 2 update released on Steam
Systems and storage

  1. HotHardware reviews Dell Inspiron Zino HD desktop
  2. TestFreaks review Puget Echo I HTPC system
  3. Sharky Extreme reviews hp Mini 311
  4. Tech ARP reviews 2TB Western Digital RE4-GP
  5. reviews 128GB A-Data N002 SSD
    and 128GB Kingston V Series notebook upgrade kit
  6. TweakTown takes a deep dive into Thecus NAS software
  7. Digital Trends on 1TB LaCie Network Space 2 NAS
Multimedia, cooling, etc.

  1. PC Perspective reviews MSI R5770 Hawk
  2. Digital Trends reviews Motorola Devour and imagines
    Sony's PlayStation phone: What it needs to succeed
  3. techPowerUp! on DimasTech Bench Table V2.5
  4. TWL reviews Everki Camber laptop / netbook bag
  5. Legit Reviews on Thermaltake Contac 29 direct touch CPU cooler
  6. XSReviews on Noctua NH-D14 and C12P-SE14
  7. APH Networks on Thermaltake Silent 1156 CPU heatsink
  8. on CoolIT Domino A.L.C. (in German)
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