OCZ 'boot drive' SSD starts at under 100 bucks

Already, OCZ's solid-state drive lineup includes several affordable 30GB offerings. That hasn't stopped the company from adding another one to the mix, however: the 2.5" Onyx 32GB SSD, which is launching with a "sub 100 dollar" suggested retail price.

The 32GB Onyx has maximum rated transfer speeds of 125MB/s for reads and 70MB/s for writes—a tad slower than the same company's pricier 30GB offerings, but still faster than a mechanical hard drive, OCZ claims. Other features include 64MB of cache, a three-year warranty, and "unique performance optimization to keep the drives at peak performance over the long term."

OCZ says the Onyx is "ideal for use as a boot up drive or for mobile PCs and Netbooks as a quality hard drive replacement." Considering Microsoft recommends 16-20GB of free hard drive space for Windows 7 alone, desktop PC users will definitely want to keep a mechanical hard drive handy to store their games, applications, and other files.

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