Poll: Your last graphics card upgrade

These days, consoles pretty much set the standard for the level of detail in games. Oh sure, some ports or cross-platform titles might give PC gamers slightly snazzier graphics and effects, but for the most part, one needs surprisingly little graphics horsepower to run even the latest titles. In some cases, that means graphics processors have silicon to spare, which may well be why we're seeing things like AMD's six-display Eyefinity scheme.

From a more practical standpoint, though, we're getting the feeling that this stagnation in hardware requirements has also slowed down the upgrade cycles of many PC gamers. We wanted to put that to the test, so we slapped together a new poll with one simple question: "When was your last graphics card upgrade?" The options are laid out in six-month intervals, with 1H referring to the first half of the year and 2H referencing the second.  Feel free to vote either below or on our front page.

Our last poll was about the Apple iPad, and out of nearly 8,000 responses, only about 15% of TR readers feel positively about the device—and only 4% of the total see the device as a "clear home run." Meanwhile, 23% of respondants are unfazed, and a whopping 61% are disappointed.

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