JooJoo tablet has silly name, Ion graphics

Engadget has been scouring filings with the FCC again, and the site has come across evidence that Fusion Garage's upcoming JooJoo tablet features an Nvidia Ion chipset alongside an Atom N270 CPU. The PureVideo HD decode block built into the Ion's GPU can accelerate HD video playback with not only local content, but streaming Flash, as well. That capability, coupled with support for what looks like a diverse array of formats, should allow the JooJoo to play back just about any video you might want to throw at the device. And then there's the GPU's 3D graphics core, which gives the JooJoo all sorts of interesting gaming potential.

The tablet itself features a 12.1" multi-touch capacitive display with 1366x768 pixels. A webcam's included, too, as are two turntables built-in speakers and a microphone. Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11g Wi-Fi provide wireless connectivity, and the FCC documents also mention a 3G card that could appear in one version of the unit. Don't expect much in the way of internal storage, though—all you get is a 4GB solid-state drive. There's no mention of a memory card slot, although I'd expect the device's USB port to easily accommodate thumb drives.

All this hardware is wrapped up in a relatively svelte chassis that measures 7.8" x 12.8" x 0.2-0.7" and weighs a little more than a kilogram. Unfortunately, battery life could be a weak point. Fusion Garage doesn't provide any specifications for the tablet's lithium-polymer battery, but it quotes a run time of only five hours with Wi-Fi web surfing—half what Apple claims for the iPad.

The JooJoo is already up for pre-order at $499, which just so happens to be the very same price as the entry-level iPad. Of course, the iPad can't run Windows 7. At least one picture from the FCC's test documents suggests that the JooJoo can (PDF).

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