GDC panel reveals in-game achievement statistics

In-game achievements seem to be popping up more and more often these days, not only in console titles, but also on the PC. Some achievements reward gamers for performing particularly impressive feats, others denote the discovery of hidden Easter eggs, and a surprising number give players virtual gold stars for simply progressing past a certain point, be it a boss battle or the end of a level. But how many gamers collect 'em all?

According to a Games Developer Conference panel attended by Joystiq, only an average of 4%, at least among Xbox users. Interestingly, more gamers slogged through to completion than gave up after garnering 90% of a title's achievements. However, 73% of gamers collected less than half of the achievements available in the games they played.

The panel presentation was conducted by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, which suggested that game developers should track achievements to see where gamers are spending most of their time. Taking a closer look at achievement statistics might also reveal how many gamers are actively chasing in-game trophies as opposed to accumulating them solely by playing through a game.

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