New 24-inch Dell LCD has frugal power consumption, TN panel

Dell's LCD monitors have become pretty popular, in no small part because they're often deeply discounted in online sales. And now there's a new model: the 24" G2410H, which offers a 1080p display resolution, a 5 ms response time, 250 nits of LED-backlit brightness, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The display also includes an ambient light sensor and both DVI-D and VGA inputs. HDCP is supported over DVI, but the monitor lacks an HDMI input, which is a bit of a drag.

Of course, the biggest drag of all is the fact that the monitor uses a TN panel. According to Engadget's hands-on experience, the display isn't as sharp or brilliant as one of Dell's 27" UltraSharps. But then the G2410H doesn't cost nearly as much; it's currently selling for $339 online. This eco-friendly display also boasts typical power consumption of less than 20W—just over a third the wattage consumed by my UltraSharp 2408WFP. The G2410H's power consumption is also quite a bit lower than that of the UltraSharp U2410, which has a 24" IPS panel with 1920x1200 pixels and a quoted power consumption of 75W.

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