Bad Company 2 to shed SecuROM DRM on Steam

Here's one non-Valve Steam game that won't impose a second layer of crusty digital rights management anymore. As Shacknews reports, EA DICE will soon remove SecuROM DRM from the Steam version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

An official change log provides little in the way of background information, merely stating that the game "will no longer have SecuROM on the exe file" and "will use Valves own DRM instead." Don't go restarting your Steam client just yet, though; according to this thread on the Steam forums, the Steam patch will go through compatibility testing "as soon as possible"—and the latest posts suggest users are still waiting.

Multiple layers of DRM have become an unfortunate fact of life on Steam. While Valve promotes its own DRM tied to the service, game publishers tend to tack on additional copy protection, often of the disc-based variety, like SecuROM. That can mean having to deal with Steam, additional background software, installation limits, plus a separate app to revoke installations.

Steam aside, the Bad Company 2 patch addresses a plethora of issues in both the single-player and multiplayer modes. Shacknews lists the bug fixes and changes here.

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