GeForce 197.13 drivers address fan speed bug

Got an Nvidia graphics card? Good news, then: the latest drivers no longer throw off fan speed regulation and subsequently induce overheating. You know, like the last GeForce driver release. Nvidia has put up new 197.13 drivers it says "resolve the customer reports of fan speed issues with 196.75 drivers."

You can grab the 197.13 drivers for Windows 7 and Vista x86, Windows 7 and Vista x64, Windows XP x86, and Windows XP x64.

This release re-introduces many of the changes of the 196.75 drivers (shocking, we know), such as support for next-generation Ion graphics processors, performance increases in a handful of older titles, the addition of SLI profiles for a decent number of newer games (including Assassin Creed II and Battlefield: Bad Company 2), the addition of ambient occlusion support in a few other games, and an "override anti-aliasing" option for Mass Effect 2. There are bug fixes, too. Nvidia provides a list on the download page and more details in the official release notes (PDF).

On the subject of the ill-fated 196.75 release, Nvidia provided us with this fresh statement:

NVIDIA apologizes to any GeForce owners that installed the 196.75 driver and experienced quality issues. For the small number of customers that did experience problems, in almost every case reverting back to our 196.21 driver immediately resolved their issues. We continue to work closely with our add-in-card partners and PC manufacturers to help resolve any additional customer issues not solved by reverting to the earlier driver. Any GeForce owner who has questions about their board as a result of downloading the 195.75 drivers should contact their board supplier.

The company says affected users can find out more details (including driver roll-back tips) on this page.

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