Report: Acer squeezes mobile Nehalem CPU supply

Acer ultraportables with mobile Nehalem-based processors are on the horizon, and it's looking like they may not have too many competitors at first—or at least, their competitors might be harder to come by. Quoting anonymous notebook industry sources, the folks at DigiTimes write that Intel's mobile Core i3, i5, and i7 processors are currently in short supply because of overzealous orders from Acer.

Reportedly, Acer is optimistic about notebook demand and has subsequently placed a "large volume of orders for the processors." Those orders are leaving smaller notebook vendors waiting for their fill, since Intel gives preferential treatment to its biggest customers. And Acer is, after all, number two in the PC market as of last quarter.

As we noted yesterday, Acer is expected to unleash Core i3- and i5-powered Aspire Timeline consumer ultraportables by the end of the month. Pricing information hasn't leaked out yet, but if Acer is indeed bracing for high demand, then it might price the upcoming systems somewhat aggressively.

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