WSJ: Print content going on back burner for iPad launch

The iPad might not be the next-generation magazine and newspaper reader some were expecting. At least not initially. Apple CEO Steve Jobs seemed to skirt that topic entirely at the device's unveiling, and now, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is instead focusing on TV shows and other content for the device's launch.

Here's the tasty nugget of news, straight from the WSJ piece:

Yet the company is still negotiating with media companies for a price cut on TV shows that people can download onto the device, said people familiar with the matter. Apple also hoped to work closely with newspaper, magazines and textbook publishers on new ways to digitally present print content on the iPad, but has for now put the effort on backburner in favor of focusing on other content, said one of those people.

The Journal also says Apple is scrambling to finish negotiations ahead of the iPad's April 3 ship date, which is now just over two weeks away.

That's not to say all newspaper publishers are turning up their noses at the iPad, however. The guys at TechEye have come upon a video interview with News Corp Chairman, CEO, and founder Rupert Murdoch, who seems quite enthusiastic about the upcoming tablet. Murdoch predicted, "All media is going to go on to the iPad, whether it be music or books or newspapers or movies, you'll be able to get it on your iPad."

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