Deal of the week: A 64GB SSD upgrade kit for $145

Are solid-state drives really getting this cheap this quickly? Barely more than a month has gone by since Kingston launched a trio of SSDNow V solid-state drives, including a 64GB model priced at $208 (or $216 as part of an upgrade bundle). Today, Newegg is selling one of those 64GB upgrade bundles at a discount for a cool $144.99 before shipping.

The solid-state drive has a 64GB capacity, 2.5" form factor, multi-level-cell flash, and a 300MB/s Serial ATA interface. Kingston ships it with some 2.5" to 3.5" drive adapter rails, screws, and cables. On the performance side of things, the company quotes top sequential transfer speeds of 200MB/s for reads and 110MB/s for writes. And because Kingston has implemented TRIM support, performance shouldn't drop too much as the drive reaches a used state.

Factor in shipping, and this bundle sets you back $146.98—still quite a bit cheaper than other, similar-capacity SSDs on the market today. This is no refurbished or barebone product, either; it comes in a proper retail box with three years of warranty coverage.

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