Super Bowl Sunday

  1. ZZZ online number 68
  2. Tranzmit's demos: Dust by Food (OpenGL), Entropy by Medieval, and D-Player - media player
  3. Digit Life looks at Intel Play QX3 microscope
  4. Rojak Pot updates Win2k hints & tips to rev. 2.4
  5. Hardware Assassin on building a PC: part 3
  6. Amdmb celebrates one year anniversary with hardware giveaways
  7. Hypothermia gives away 30GB IBM HDDs
Motherboards and multimedia

  1. t-break reviews ECS D6VAA dual Apollo Pro 133A
  2. TweakTown reviews Iwill KK266-R and MSI K7T Turbo
  3. PC Stats reviews LinkSys EtherFast 2-port PrintServer
  4. PCinsight reviews D-Link DSC-350 digital camera
  5. Overclockers Online reviews Logitech wheel mouse
Cooling and mod

  1. TacoNuts' blue LED optical mouse mod
  2. AcidHardware reviews MacPower's DigitalDoc5
  3. Overclockers Australia's chipset cooler roundup
  4. Dredd News' cooler roundup: CardCooler XT, original CardCooler, and 3DFX Cool's Voodoo-2-60 Cooler
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