12-core Opteron processors hit e-tail listings

Unreleased AMD processors are all rushing to online store listings, it seems. After Phenom II X6 processors in Norway, we now see an online retailer in the U.S. has put up listings for a whole series of 8- and 12-core Opterons based on the Magny-Cours design.

Searching for "Opteron X12" on the Provantage website yields no fewer than 16 matches, with prices ranging from $290 for an Opteron 6124 HE to $1,485 for an Opteron 6176 SE. All 16 products are either back-ordered or on special order.

The specifications listed contain some gaps, so we can't put together a complete picture of the lineup. We can, however, make a few assumptions. The 6124 HE, 6128, 6134, and 6136 models all have 16MB of total cache (4MB of L2 and 12MB of L3), for instance, while the 6164 HE, 6168, 6172, 6174, and 6176 have 18MB (that is, 6MB of L2 and 12MB of L3). Since AMD typically straps 512KB of L2 cache to each core, we'd wager the first group is made up of eight-core offerings, while the second batch is all 12-core.

Listed clock speeds, thermal envelopes, and prices support that assumption. The Opteron 6124 HE through 6136 offerings apparently run at 1.8 to 2.4GHz with thermal envelopes of either 65W or 80W and prices of up to $809. Meanwhile, the presumed 12-core models run at 1.7 to 2.3GHz with 65, 80, and 105W thermal envelopes and prices as high as $1,485. (By the way, those power envelopes are likely ACP ratings, not straight TDP numbers.)

Otherwise, Provantage says all 16 new Opterons are Socket G34 products. If you followed our coverage of AMD's official roadmap, you'll know AMD will partition its server and workstation product family into two platforms: G34 at the high end, reaching up into four-socket servers, and C32 at the low end. The G34 platform will support quad-channel DDR3 memory with up to 12 modules per socket; that should make for a potent combination with four 12-core CPUs. (Thanks to Fudzilla for the tip.)

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