Intel may have two unlocked CPUs in the works

Remember that Core i7-875K we wrote about yesterday? Well, it might not be the only processor with an unlocked upper multiplier up Intel's sleeve. A member of the XFastest forums has posted a product list that includes both the Core i7-875K and another "K" model, the Core i3-655K.

If the list turns out to be correct, the Core i3-655K will have a base clock speed of 3.2GHz and a top Turbo Boost speed of 3.46GHz. That sounds a whole lot like the Core i5-650, so if we were the betting type, we'd expect Intel to brand the unlocked variant Core i5-655K. In any case, the i5-650 sells for $184.99 at Newegg right now, so you can probably expect to pay a little more for the unlocked variant—unless Intel cuts prices in the meantime, of course.

So, when are these puppies coming out? The folks at Expreview have also made sense of the Chinese dates in the list; according to them, the i3-655K will come out first in early June, and the i7-875K will follow in late July.

As we pointed out yesterday, Intel has gone on record saying it's "considering new affordable models to introduce overclocking." Releasing two unlocked processors, one with two cores and the other with four, seems like a sensible way to reach that goal. Too bad the rumor mill hasn't dug up any dirt on a really cheap, unlocked Core i3, or something to that effect.

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