First Left 4 Dead 2 add-on to bring new game modes

Valve is far from done refining its zombie-killing experience. The company has outed a few additional details about the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 downloadable add-on The Passing, and it says players can look forward to more than one new game mode. (Yes, the studio made a point to mention "modes" in the plural form.)

Here's a run-down of the upcoming goodies, in the words of the official Left 4 Dead blog:

A Wicked Witch Bride!
A Gargantuan M60!
A Slashing Golf Club!
And Introducing The Fallen Survivor!
Meet 3 Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors!
New Game Modes!

Valve goes on to say The Passing is still due out this Spring. We found out last December that the add-on will take place after Left 4 Dead 2's Dead Center campaign, and that it will involve the survivor characters from the first game meeting their Louisiana counterparts in a "mall town in rural Georgia." Valve said at the time it was developing a new "co-operative challenge" game mode, but this is the first we've heard of additional modes.

By the way, the same blog post also notes that Left 4 Dead 2 is now selling at half price (so, $24.99) on Steam. Four-packs are similarly slashed from $149.99 to $74.99 until March 25. (Thanks to Shacknews for the heads up.)

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