Seagate was still top dog last quarter

Western Digital hard drives have been particularly attractive for a good, long while now, offering better performance and lower noise levels in many instances, not to mention longer warranties in the Caviar Black product line. However, according to the latest figures by iSuppli, Seagate maintained its position as the world's leading hard drive vendor last quarter.

Here are the market share figures we compiled from iSuppli's shipment numbers:

Vendor Q3 2009 unit share Q4 2009 unit share
Seagate 30.9% 30.7%
Western Digital 29.4% 30.5%
Hitachi 16.4% 15.5%
Toshiba/Fujitsu 12.2% 12.9%
Samsung 9.7% 9.0%

The gap between the gold and silver medalists admittedly narrowed a little bit, but Seagate still came out ahead in the fourth quarter with 49.9 million hard drives shipped to WD's 49.5 million. Revenue-wise, iSuppli says Seagate raked in $3.03 billion (a 34% revenue share) to WD's $2.57 billion (a leaner 30%).

Also, while Seagate may have lost a little bit of market share, it and WD both saw their revenue and shipments increase between the third and fourth quarters. WD saw higher growth, though: 12% for shipped units and 19% for revenue, compared to 8% and 14%, respectively, for Seagate.

In spite of WD's gains, iSuppli believes Seagate will remain top dog this quarter, as well. Looking at the numbers, other players seem unlikely to alter the podium rankings anytime soon.

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