Corsair rolls out diminutive 32GB USB drive

Flash memory growing ever denser doesn't just do wonders for solid-state drive performance and pricing; it brings us smaller and higher-capacity USB drives, too. Case in point: Corsair has added a 32GB offering to its diminutive Flash Voyager Mini lineup.

Just like its 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB siblings, the newcomer has an extremely compact rubber enclosure and a retractable USB connector. So, there's no cap to misplace—always a plus. The drive also comes with 10 years of warranty coverage.

Corsair says the 32GB Flash Voyager Mini is "available immediately from . . . authorized distributors and resellers worldwide." The company doesn't quote pricing, but for the record, the 16GB Voyager Mini sells for $49.99 (or $34.99 after a mail-in rebate) at Newegg. More pedestrian 32GB USB thumb drives from other firms seem to start at about $60 or so.

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