Old New Year's Day Shortbread

Old New Year's Day

  1. Google's Sergey Brin leads charge against Chinese web censorship
  2. C|Net reports Google addresses e-mail, apps concerns in China
    and GoDaddy to stop registering domains in China
  3. TechFlash reports Microsoft criticized for stance in China following Google's shift
  4. DailyTech: Dell reportedly may follow Google out of China, jumping to India
  5. Full ACTA draft leaked... EU wants injunctions against the possibility you might infringe
  6. Proposed U.S. law would single out cybercrime havens
  7. C|Net has a conversation with the FCC chairman
  8. DSLReports: Two ISPs in a market does not mean there's competition
  9. Engadget reports Verizon to blanket 'one third' of America
    with LTE this year, double coverage in 15 months
  10. Sprint CEO: We're moving from voice minutes to gigabytes used
  11. Ars Technica reports Army officials get VIP tour of Apple, talk mobile tech
  12. Engadget reports Telecom Egypt loses revenue,
    government helps by banning international VoIP
  13. Ars Technica: Legal music "trustmark" a nice idea, not much more
    and did Hulu steal from Hula? Lawsuit aims to find out
  14. TechFlash podcast episode 7: The future of the online ad biz
  15. Engadget HD podcast 184
  16. Avatar's Blu-ray pre-sales strong, James Cameron says
  17. Win an iBuyPower Chimera 2 Core i7-980X gaming system from Legit Reviews
  18. ASE Labs R3D contest: Win one of six prizes
  19. Dealzon's deals: $149 off Dell Inspiron 15z, $280 off 14" Lenovo IdeaPad U450p,
    $320 off 15.6" Lenovo IdeaPad U550, and $21 - $24 off Xbox 360 controllers
Hardware news

  1. AppleInsider on the no. 1 planned use for Apple iPad: Working on the go
  2. BBspot: Should I buy an iPad? (flow chart)
  3. TC Magazine reports Acer officially intros the Timeline X family of Calpella laptops
  4. Engadget reports hp EliteBook 8740w pumped up
    with Intel Core 2010 CPUs, ATI / Nvidia graphics
  5. Fudzilla reports AMD 880G details tip up
  6. The Register: Commodore 64 reincarnated as quad-core Ubuntu box
    and may the SandForce be with LSI and Seagate
  7. TC Magazine reports Western Digital delivers new hard drives for 24/7 work
  8. DailyTech reports OCZ raises $15.4M to bolster SSD business
  9. Fudzilla: Dual Fermi card uncertain
  10. Expreview: Leadtek GeForce GTX 470 / 480 pose for the camera
  11. Donanim Haber: MSI and Zotac GeForce GTX 480 cards unveiled (in Turkish)
  12. TUAW: Apple to make an HDTV within two to four years?
  13. Reg Hardware reports Samsung unveils Android 2.1 smartphone
  14. Engadget reports MOTO touchscreen comparison recruits
    robotic implements for heightened precision (video)
  15. TC Magazine reports HTC opens online store for U.S. customers
  16. Worldwide e-book reader shipments to reach 28 million by 2013, says DigiTimes research

  1. Ars Technica reports exploits of unpatched IE6, IE7 flaw on the rise
  2. An update to the TV tuner functionality in Windows Media Center is available for Windows 7
  3. Windows Media Center may display Low Bit Rate overlay
    on a computer that is running Windows 7
  4. Microsoft shows off its next version of Office Communications Server
  5. DailyTech reports Adobe Photoshop CS5 to bring stunning "content-aware" smart fill
  6. Microsoft Messenger 8 for Mac reaches beta, adds video chat
  7. TUAW reports Mac OS X turns 9
  8. 50 places Linux is running that you might not expect
  9. TechSpot's tech tip: Change your wallpaper on Windows 7 Starter
  10. TweakPC's Windows 7 tuning: Maintenance for better performance (in German)
  11. OCC reviews Uniblue Registry Booster 2010
  12. MCE-Pro looks at Kylo, a new web browser
  13. OpenOffice.org easter eggs
  14. CPU-Z 1.54
  15. Google Chrome
  16. Google Chrome 5.0.342.7 beta for Linux
  17. Yahoo! Messenger
  18. Picasa 3.6 build 10.56

  1. Stone Giant DX11 demo (video)
  2. Techgage reports Unigine's Heaven 2.0 benchmark introduces Linux support
  3. Jane McDonigal: Gaming can make a better world (video)
  4. Strategy Informer on the evolution and contestation of the strategy genre
  5. Shacknews: Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' DLC revealed
    and Microsoft's Game Room launches, issues resolved
  6. FiringSquad reviews Command & Conquer 4
  7. Gaming Heaven reviews Just Cause 2 (PC)
  8. PC Authority lists top 10 computer games of all time
  9. Engadget reports Sony's PSP turns 5
  10. Joystiq has Xbox Live March schedule: Free Xbox Live Gold, XBLA sale
Systems and storage

  1. Engadget's LG X300's slack-jawed hands-on
  2. TechSpot reviews Core i7-980X Extreme
  3. AnandTech reviews Pentium G6950 & Core i5-650 / 660 /670
  4. ITShootOut reviews Phenom II X2 555 B.E.
  5. bit-tech's first look: MSI XPower X58 and 890FX-GD70
  6. OC3D reviews Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3
  7. Björn3D reviews Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3
  8. PureOC reviews 4GB Transcend aXeRAM DDR3-2000 memory modules
  9. Tech ARP reviews 640GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue
  10. PCStats reviews 128GB Plextor PX-128M1S SSD
  11. Digital Trends reviews 640GB LaCie Rikiki portable hard drive
  12. techPowerUp! reviews 8GB Corsair Padlock 2
Graphics cards

  1. VR-Zone: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 dissected
  2. TweakTown on high-end Radeons - Then and now
  3. Hexus.net reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Toxic 2GB
  4. PureOC reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Toxic 2GB
  5. Ninjalane reviews Gigabyte Radeon HD 5770
  6. Fudzilla reviews XFX Radeon HD 5750 740M XXX 512MB
  7. X-bit labs review Radeon HD 5670, 5570, and 5450
  8. OverclockersHQ has PowerColor HD 5570 CrossFire X review
  9. iXBT Labs on graphics card + CPU in professional software and games
  10. X-bit labs test contemporary graphics cards in Metro 2033
    and consider power consumption of contemporary graphics cards
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. Bona Fide Reviews on 23" hp de-branded HDMI 1080p widescreen LCD monitor
  2. iGadget Life reviews Dynex DX-7HTV-09 7" LCD portable TV
  3. TweakTown on HDMI: An evolving standard
  4. PC Perspective's building a home theater part 1: Room and component placement
  5. Ars Technica: How to do pro-quality video post-production at home
  6. Engadget's Dell Aero first hands-on
  7. PCShopTalk reviews Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E361-WM earphones
  8. Big Bruin reviews Kidz Gear wired and wireless headphones
  9. CCE Reviews on Technocel T360 Bluetooth headset
  10. ThinkComputers reviews Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced case
  11. Tweaknews on Prolimatech Megahalems rev. B CPU cooler
  12. Guru3D reviews Cogage Arrow CPU cooler
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