Deal of the week: Corsair power supply bargains

Good power supplies aren't cheap; those who disregard that fact can subject themselves to high noise levels, low efficiency, instability, and potentially catastrophic failures. On rare occasions, however, normally expensive PSUs can be had well below their normal asking prices. That's exactly what's going on at Newegg today: the e-tailer is offering rebates of up to $45 plus free shipping on Corsair power supplies.

The promotion applies to Corsair's 750-watt CMPSU-750TX, for instance, which is on sale for $109.99 shipped instead of $139.99 and comes with an additional $10 mail-in rebate card. Similarly, you can grab the 650W unit from the same family for $99.99 shipped instead of $119.99 and pull the price to $79.99 with the included mail-in rebate form. Both units have five-year warranties, multi-GPU support, and big 140-mm cooling fans.

Folks on tight budgets may enjoy the 400W CMPSU-400CX, which Newegg now offers for just $50.99 shipped instead of $64.99—alongside a $15 mail-in rebate card that can take the price down to a cool $35.99. This particular model doesn't have too many frills, but it does feature a single meaty 12V rail, 80 Plus certification (implying efficiency of at least 80%), a quiet 120-mm fan, plenty of neatly sheathed cables, and a three-year warranty. Corsair even includes some cable ties in the box.

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