A week ago today, I returned from a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and came home to a package containing several GF100-based video cards—and a bundle of work.  Since then, I've been working 12-14-hour days, testing and preparing my review of the new GeForces, but I just couldn't pull everything together in time for the product launch last night.  My current goal is to have an article out by Monday morning, if all goes well.  This isn't even an especially complicated review, since I've already written extensively about the Fermi architecture; my goal is just to provide some good performance data that's enlightening in a few targeted ways.

So yes, I'm working on it.

Testing is complete.  Here's the part where I tell you that I won't be adding any new tests or taking requests this late in the process and everybody posts comments with requests and virtual threats if I didn't do X or Y, anyhow.  Good luck with that.  Should have an article out early next week, if the weekend is sufficiently productive.

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