Two-platter 750GB mobile drive due from Toshiba, too

Western Digital isn’t the only company with a two-platter 750GB mobile hard drive up its sleeve. Toshiba has announced just such a product, the MK7559GSXP, which similarly squeezes 750GB of capacity into a standard 2.5", 9.5-mm form factor.

You might not see the Toshiba MK7559GSXP on store shelves quite as early as its WD counterpart, however. While WD claims to have initiated shipments already, Toshiba says it will only ship its drive to distributors and PC makers in the third quarter of this year. Before then, in the second quarter, Toshiba says it will release 2.5" 750GB and 1TB mobile drives with thicker-than-normal 12.5-mm form factors. Those MKxx59GSM offerings will be aimed at "external add-on and removable storage, tape replacement and docking station applications," plus mobile workstations and gaming laptops.

750GB and 1TB MKxx59GSM drives will both have three platters, but they’ll otherwise share the MK7559GSXP’s basic characteristics: 5,400-RPM spindle speeds, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, 8MB caches, 12-ms seek times, and 25 dB noise levels both at idle and while seeking.

Toshiba notes the three drives "represent the company’s first mobile HDD platforms developed with the combined engineering resources from the integration of Fujitsu’s HDD business." That acquisition was announced last February and went through later in the first part of 2009.

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    • spengler
    • 9 years ago

    Well, thumbs up for WD and thumbs down for Toshiba.

    I hate the storage industry tradition of announcing drives months in advance of availability. Take Hitachi’s press release boasting about being the first to produce a 1TB hard disk, 4-6 months before the drive showed up in stores. Or Samsung’s claim that it was shipping its 500GB notebook drive – must’ve been sent via sailing ship because you couldn’t buy one until 3 months after that announcement.


    • Kurotetsu
    • 9 years ago

    Wow, and I thought the comments section was for, y’know, commenting on the attached article, not bitching about some completely unrelated review not coming out fast enough.

    Anyway, I kind of appreciate this new round of higher capacity of 2.5-inch hard drives. It should do alot toward making 2.5-inch more of a standard in mobile and desktops (considering SSD makers don’t seem terribly interested in making 3.5-inch SSDs). I know the 5,400rpm speed was commented on in the WD thread, but what about the 8MB cache? Would being so cache limited have any noticeable performance effect on such high capacity drives? Like the plannd 1TB one?

      • iatacs19
      • 9 years ago

      The algorithm is what’s important for caching, the size of the buffer doesn’t mean anything if it can’t make use of it. It’s diminishing returns as the size exceeds 8MB for normal mechanical hdds.

    • kravo
    • 9 years ago

    hm. Interesting.
    So where’s that review of the two new green goblins Scott’s been talking about?
    (not that I would expect something surprising, but still, I am really curious what you guys are cooking up.)

      • Sahrin
      • 9 years ago

      If you look at the thermals it’s pretty self explanatory. They’re ‘cooking up’ two video cards.

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