Bunsen Burner Day Shortbread

Bunsen Burner Day

  1. C|Net reports confusion reigns over Google search outage in China
  2. Fudzilla reports Fermi to be in short supply
  3. TweakTown: AMD Radeon Eyefinity6 2GB video card at 5760 X 1200
  4. techPowerUp! reports PowerColor readies overclocker-
    Radeon HD 5770 PCS++ graphics card
  5. Hardware Heaven interviews Zotac's Simon Greer
  6. Infopackets reports digital photography to undergo quantum leap
  7. DigiTimes reports SDRAM prices surge on rising demand
  8. TC Magazine reports Asus Eee PC 1001PX netbook up for pre-order
    and TDK debuts the SHG2A series compact SSDs
  9. New Intel Xeon processor pushes mission critical into the mainstream
  10. Enchanting folding-out laptop with utopian specs
  11. C|Net cites report: AT&T helped Apple with iPhone issues
  12. Ars Technica has more on next-gen iPhone and Verizon iPhone dreams
  13. Gizmodo: Did Apple sucker us with iPad rush shipping?
  14. C|Net reports Apple sued over multitouch patent
    and PA university to give all students iPads
  15. NYT reports godfather of iPod severs final ties with Apple
  16. Gizmodo on the JooJoo tablet: These court docs show only 90 preorders (with 15 returned)
  17. VR-Zone has Computex 2010 pre-show updates
  18. Congress calls for Google Buzz investigation
  19. C|Net reports President Obama faces major online privacy test
  20. Ars Technica on bringing U.S. privacy law into the cloud computing era
  21. BBC reports French pirates 'dodge' tough laws
  22. Cable ISPs: New broadband test makes our service look slow
  23. DSLReports: The press realizes the FiOS party is over
  24. DailyTech reports Ford to shut off PCs at night, save $1.2M yearly
  25. Ars Technica on how the FBI busted one YouTube nutjob in under a day
  26. Wired reports Amazon's 'frustration-free' packaging leaves a trail of dead hard disks
  27. TechFlash on new Amazon patent: Sending video of orders being boxed
    (what happens before products are 'unboxed')
  28. Ars Technica on the software brains behind the particle colliders
  29. 1980s video icon glows on Saturn moon (thanks DrDillyBar)
  30. BCCHardware's podcast #42
  31. Dealzon's deals: $450 off hp Envy 13, $450 off hp Envy 15 w/ 1080p, $170 off
    15.6" Acer AS5732Z, and $71 off 80GB Intel X25M SSD

  1. Microsoft security bulletin summary for March 2010
  2. NetworkWorld reports Apple delivers record monster security update
  3. Phoronix reports Mac OS X 10.6.3 packs some regressions
  4. Adobe CS5 to be released on April 10th? (thanks ChrisDTC)
  5. Bright Side of News* reports Nvidia's Island DirectX 11 demo works on AMD GPUs
  6. Tech ARP posts Windows 7 SP1 roadmap rev. 1.1
  7. SuperSite on the enduring value of Microsoft Office
  8. Expreview reports EVGA works on Precision 1.9.2 beta to support GTX 480 / 470
  9. FiringSquad reports Nvidia releases new notebook drivers (Verde 197.16)
  10. Ars Technica reports Solaris 10 no longer free as in beer, now a 90-day trial
  11. TechFlash reports Novell loses Microsoft suit, wins verdict in Unix copyright case
  12. HWiNFO32 v3.45
  13. Java SE 6 update 19 release notes
  14. What's new in SeaMonkey 2.04
  15. Google Chrome 5.0.360.4 and
  16. New snapshot of Opera 10.52 for Windows
  17. Mozilla Thunderbird 3.04 update is now available for free download
  18. Realtek HD audio for 2K / XP / 03 and Vista / 7
  19. Betanews reports Apple launches iPad-friendly iTunes 9.1
  20. Ars Technica reports Microsoft details Zune 4.5 firmware update, still mute on 64GB Zune HD
  21. Engadget reports Symantec names Shaoxing, China as world's malware capital

  1. Shacknews reports hacker throws down Linux gauntlet as Sony readies
    firmware patch v3.21 and Xbox 360 flash memory priced by GameStop
  2. Kotaku's Nintendo Wii upscaler review: Can the Wii really do high-def?
  3. EA tweets BFBC2 VIP Map Pack 2 is out on PC now
  4. Major Nelson on Modern Warfare 2 add-on: Stimulus Package for Xbox 360
  5. Gaming Heaven reviews Command & Conquer 4 (PC)
  6. Wired reports gaming vest makes virtual fights real and painful
  7. Save $22 on Mass Effect 2 (PC) at Amazon
Systems and storage

  1. BeHardware's giant CPUs roundup: 146 Intel and AMD processors
  2. AnandTech on Alienware M11x: World's smallest gaming laptop
  3. Legit Reviews on Asus UL50Vf notebook (Nvidia Optimus)
  4. PureOC reviews ECS H55H-I Mini-ITX motherboard
  5. ABT reviews ECS A785GM-AD3 AM3 Black Series
  6. Rbmods on Zotac 9300-ITX WiFi motherboard
  7. Benchmark Reviews has 100GB A-Data S599 SandForce SF-1200 SSD test
  8. Tweaknews on Addonics NAS2XU2 NAS 2.0 adapter
Multimedia, cases, and cooling

  1. Guru3D, Hexus.net, HotHardware, Neoseeker, PC Perspective,
    and TweakTown on AMD Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6
  2. Expreview's sneak peek at XFX 4GB Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition
  3. Hardware Secrets on ECS NGT240-512QI-F
  4. OCC reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Toxic 2GB
  5. CowcotLand: What graphics card to play in Mini-ITX? (in French)
  6. Björn3D on Technocel Ear Vibe
  7. LanOC Reviews on SteelSeries 4HD mouse pad
  8. PC Perspective reviews Antec P193 Advanced case
  9. OC3D reviews In Win Maelstrom case
  10. BCCHardware on CoolIT ECO A.L.C.
  11. Legit Reviews on Zalman CPNS10X Performa CPU cooler
  12. TweakTown reviews Nexus VCT-9000 CPU cooler
  13. Hardware Secrets on Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler
  14. Technic3D reviews Titan Skalli CPU cooler (in German)
  15. DeXgo reviews Phobya G-Changer 420 radiator (in German)
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