iSuppli: AMD, Intel both increase CPU revenue share

Despite effectively getting pushed out of the high-end CPU market by Intel, AMD actually saw its share of global microprocessor revenue increase in the fourth quarter, according to iSuppli's latest preliminary numbers. In fact, the market research firm estimates that both AMD and Intel saw revenue share increases at the expense of other suppliers: 

  Q4 2008 Q3 2009 Q4 2009
Intel 81.6% 80.5% 80.6%
AMD 10.5% 11.9% 12.1%
Others 7.9% 7.7% 7.3%

As one might be able to guess from the substantial revenue shares in the "Others" row, these iSuppli data aren't limited to the x86 market; they also cover RISC and other general-purpose microprocessors. (Presumably, Intel's Itanium offerings were also taken into account.)

iSuppli's report notes that average selling prices for PCs dropped quite a bit last year, especially in the notebook market. The numbers above therefore suggest AMD and Intel suffered roughly equally from this trend. And, as the research firm points out, neither chipmaker was able to capitalize on sinking PC prices to gain extra share.

All of this might seem a surprising, since especially of late, AMD has been confined to the lower echelons of the CPU market. The Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, AMD's current fastest desktop processor, sells for just $179 at Newegg and performs on roughly even footing with Intel's cheapest quad-core Nehalem chip, the $200 Core i5-750.

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