Next-gen Ion netbook accelerates IE9 graphics

Nvidia rarely misses a chance to show its graphics products giving their Intel rivals a good whupping. Just yesterday on the official nTersect blog, Nvidia posted a video of the Internet Explorer 9 platform preview running on both a regular netbook and an upcoming Asus netbook with a next-generation Ion GPU.

The demo includes three activities from Microsoft's IE9 Platform Demos page: zooming in and out in Bing Maps, rendering flying 3D images, and playing an HTML 5 Asteroids clone with SVG graphics. And, of course, the IE9 platform preview has GPU acceleration. You can guess how the two machines fared...

The Ion netbook indeed achieves considerably more smoothness in all three tests. In fact, the HTML 5 game looks pretty much unplayable on the Intel-based netbook.

Nvidia also took an opportunity to pimp the Ion-based netbook in the video—Asus' Eee PC 1201PN, which will become available this month. We haven't heard a whole lot about that machine, although Nvidia shared a photo of it in the next-gen Ion press kit. It looks like we can expect a 12" display, a chiclet keyboard, and a fairly sleek form factor.

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