Net Applications: Windows 7 breaks 10% usage share

Five months after its retail release, Windows 7 is slowly but surely winning hearts and minds—or at least, grabbing additional market share. According to Net Application's latest round of numbers, Windows 7 broke 10% usage share in March, settling in at about 10.23%.

At the same time, Windows Vista garnered a 16.01% usage share, while Windows XP still reigned supreme with 64.46% in total. Windows 7 looks to have made some nice gains since February, when the same three operating systems had usage shares of 8.92%, 16.51%, and 65.49%, respectively. The new Windows OS's usage share growth seems to have happened at the expense of Windows XP more than Windows Vista, too. That suggests Windows 7 is seducing folks who stuck with XP through the Vista years—good news for Microsoft, surely.

Over the same two months, the Net Applications numbers show that Mac OS X's usage share grew from 5.02% to 5.33%, while Windows as a whole went down from 92.12% to 91.58%. Linux also saw some minor growth, but it only makes up about one percent of the pool of systems from which these numbers were drawn.

As always, Net Applications says its data originates from about 160 million visitors frequenting a large selection of websites monthly. The OS numbers include mobile devices used to access the web. (Thanks to CNet News for the tip.)

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