National Deep Dish Pizza Day Shortbread

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

  1. C|Net reports analyst estimates 700,000 iPads sold Saturday
    and with iPads in the wild, buyers react
  2. TUAW reports New Hampshire man is victim of first recorded iPad theft
  3. Hackers gained full root code execution of iPad, jailbreak is around the corner
  4. 3,266 iPad apps and counting
  5. Engadget on iPad apps: Games that stand out
  6. AppleInsider reports Apple exploring head-mounted display in form of glasses
  7. Oklahoma brings in millions by selling personal data
  8. The Register: IT losses despite U.S. economic thaw
  9. Larry Ellison's $84 million makes him 2009's highest-paid CEO
  10. WSJ reports HTC says its U.S. growth tops rivals
  11. NetworkWorld on how Google wants to change telecom
  12. 39% of BlackBerry owners would 'definitely' switch to an iPhone tomorrow (thanks dpaus)
  13. Engadget podcast 190
  14. Windows weekly 150 (podcast)
  15. Dealzon's deals: $95 off 10.2" hp DreamScreen, $190 off 14.1" hp dv4t,
    $179 off 14.1" MSI X400, and $398 off 15.4" Dell Vostro 1520
Software and gaming

  1. The Register reports Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot
  2. CIO: How virtualization is changing the shape of your PC
  3. 10 Google Chrome extensions for boosting your productivity
  4. LameXP 3.1.8 build 87
  5. Ars Technica on the future of gaming: Up the beanstalk and into the cloud
    and coming home: a Bad Company 2 server to call your own
  6. GamesRadar on 19 incredible games you'll never play
Systems and storage

  1. Chipworks has iPad teardown
  2. TUAW shares reflections: A day and a night with the iPad
  3. TestFreaks review hp ProBook 5310m
  4. ThinkComputers on ASRock A330ION Nvidia MCP7A-ION Mini-ITX motherboard
  5. ABT reviews 4GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz memory kit
  6. Benchmark Reviews on SandForce SF-1200 SSD processor
  7. DragonSteelMods review QNAP TS-259 Pro Turbo NAS
Multimedia and cooling

  1. pits Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 vs. AMD Radeon HD 5850 CrossFire - battle at £450
  2. Hardware Canucks review Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 2GB Toxic
  3. OCC reviews Ladybird GTX 285
  4. PureOC reviews MSI HD 5830 Twin Frozr II 1GB
  5. t-break reviews Toshiba Camileo S10 video camera
  6. VR-Zone has Asus Xonar Xense - under the hood
  7. MCE-Pro on Asus Xonar DX and the Dolby Digital dilemma... Our solution
  8. VR-Zone reviews Livescribe Pulse Smartpen
  9. Techgage reviews CoolIT ECO A.L.C.
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