Over 300,000 iPads sold on launch day

Steve Jobs has gotten his accountants to run the numbers, and apparently, in spite of all the skepticism surrounding it, the iPad had a pretty decent first day of sales. Apple announced this morning that it sold more than 300,000 of the slate devices last Saturday alone.

Now, not all of those 300,000 were folks lined up at Apple Stores. Apple says the figure also includes "deliveries of pre-ordered iPads to customers, deliveries to channel partners and sales at Apple Retail Stores." Still, those are sales for only a single day in the United States only. For reference, Apple sold 1.12 million iPhones during that device's first full quarter of sales in 2007.

Just like the original iPhone, the iPad starts at $499, and Apple offers a $599 version with more storage capacity. (The iPad launch lineup includes a third model priced at $699, though.)

Apple's revenue from the new iPad users didn't stem from the device alone. The Mac maker also says iPad users "downloaded over one million apps from Appleā€™s App Store and over 250,000 ebooks from its iBookstore during the first day." To be fair, though, the iBookstore includes a massive collection of free titles, so not all of those downloads were purchases.

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