New Lenovo all-in-one sports next-gen Ion graphics

Nvidia's next-generation Ion graphics processor isn't just finding a home in netbooks. As Engadget reports, Lenovo has introduced a new all-in-one nettop that couples Intel Atom processors with the latest Ion chip—as an option, at least.

The Lenovo C200 has an 18.5" 16:9 display and, judging from the photos in Engadget's story, a black, glossy, rounded exterior. In its top configuration, the system features a dual-core Atom D510 processor, an Nvidia Ion GPU with 256MB of graphics memory, a built-in DVD burner, and a "single-touch touchscreen panel."

Lenovo's press release adds that the C200 will be available this month from the company's own website, as well as through "select retailers." Prices will start at $399, although considering Lenovo labels the Ion GPU as "optional," you'll probably have to pay extra for anything besides integrated graphics. (Engadget actually suggests the Ion-powered model will cost $499.)

Last week, we also saw the new Ion GPU in a pair of nettops from Asus: the EeeTop PC 2010PN and 2010PNT. Both of those nettops have larger, 20" displays, and the 2010PNT adds multi-touch functionality. Asus didn't announce pricing when it introduced the two systems, though.

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