Intel may be cooking up quicker Atoms for nettops

When it comes to the Atom line, Intel has been quite clear: speed increases aren't the name of the game—after all, the company wouldn't want to cannibalize sales of its quicker, more expensive Core CPUs. Nevertheless, Fudzilla has word that Intel is cooking up a pair of slightly quicker Atom chips for nettops.

Those chips include the Atom D525, a dual-core product, and the Atom D425, a single-core variant with otherwise similar specifications. Both processors will reportedly run at an even 1.8GHz (up from 1.66GHz for current Pine Trail designs), and their memory controllers will support DDR2 and DDR3 memory.

Other specifications shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with today's Pine Trail Atoms. Fudzilla quotes power envelopes of 10W for the D425 and 13W for the D525, essentially the same as for the existing, 1.66GHz Atom D410 and D510, respectively.

When can we expect these quicker, DDR3-supporting contestants? Some time in the second quarter, says Fudzilla. As the site points out, the rumor mill has also hinted that single-core Atoms with DDR3 support are on the way. Last we heard, those chips were also due by the middle of this year.

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